INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT is the first and only comprehensive online-research tool to Indian business and industry information. INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT, a product of Informatics (India) Limited was launched in the early 90’s to provide well indexed Indian content to global databases. INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT knowledge base is captured from more than null sources which encompasses daily newspapers, magazines and accesses information disseminated through Government sources. INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT monitors information on listed and unlisted companies, government bodies, topics, industries, and people that matter the most for an organization. INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT delivers the knowledge where it is needed the most. No wonder, when it comes to credibility INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT is second to none.

INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT provides its subscribers a unified platform to access nationwide industry related news, through its 'advanced filter-based' search options. These search options helps the user in retrieving the relevant information from mines of data in a simple, trouble-free and effortless manner.

INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT offers rare and rich insights into developments in Indian business and industry from local and global perspective. The database focuses and provides insight into:

INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT has null business stories summarized and compiled since 1993 and adds over 80,000 records every year. The database has an index of null organisations under null industry segments and null products. Besides, articles of INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT are indexed under null Business Concepts. INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT presents detailed summary of selected news and views published in Indian business and industry information sources and are reviewed by an in-house expert editorial team. The content is indexed to international standards to facilitate compilation, retrieval and analysis. What makes INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT so refreshing is the way INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT transforms as a online research tool in the hands of business strategists and students of management colleges with its succinct business information and analysis for making informed decisions.

INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT with its timely delivery of business intelligence inspires today’s thinking for a better understanding of tomorrow. Join in to know more.


Articles summarized and indexed : null
Articles Summarized and indexed annually : 80,000
Sources covered : null
Companies indexed : null
Products indexed : null
Business concepts included : null
Industry categories included : null
Period of coverage : 1993 to 2024

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