Frequently Asked Questions

INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT help desk compiles all the queries frequently asked by customers. As a service to other customers who may have similar questions about INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT, answers to these FAQ are provided below.

  1. General information:
    INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT is a product of Informatics(India) ltd. INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT is a unique offering from the company to provide valuable information about Indian corporate companies and business houses covering all aspects of the economy & industry. INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT is India’s leading business news, content and information provider. INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT is an aggregation of summarised abstracts of original news articles.
    2. Who should use INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT?
    Information and business Intelligence aggregators, corporate, libraries, students and faculties of Colleges and universities, statisticians, scientists, engineers, practitioners and researchers of R&D, various industries etc use INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT for their information gathering, knowledge processing, educational and research needs and to know the latest developments in their respective area of interest.
    3. Why should I subscribe to INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT?
    As a global leader in Indian business intelligence, INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT compiles news articles from pan-Indian sources. Thus, the subscribers will get access to all the industry related news at one place. And, the place is INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT.
    4. How often is the INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT updated?
    INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT is updated on a daily basis to ensure that you have immediate access to the latest content.
    5. How far the INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT archival data dates back?
    INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT archival data dates back to 1993.
    6. How latest is the content on INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT when compared to original article’s publication date?
    There is zero to one day lag in content for articles from daily sources, and zero to 7 days lag for weekly, fortnightly, monthly, and annual or any special edition magazine articles when compared to respective article’s publication date in the original source.
    7. What types of news articles are included in INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT?
    INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT primarily captures news articles from daily newspapers, all kinds of print and online issues of magazines, Government information dissemination services which provide news articles falling under INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT selection criteria.
    • The news articles shall primarily focus on Indian companies and businesses, including business services, finance, trade, commerce, economy and government policies etc.
    • Monthly, quarterly, half yearly, annual performance data of companies in the public, private or joint sector or group companies, performance analysis, investment research, market surveys, projections.
    • Company formation, Company closure, insolvency, Company restructuring
    • Court verdicts and lawsuits pertaining to business, trade, trade-barrier and commerce
    • Acquisitions, amalgamations, mergers, demergers and diversifications.
    • Patent applications/patent received/rejected.
    • Capacity expansion, modernisation, new products, new processes. Collaborations, including technical, financial, marketing, distributorship, representative/liaison, and technology transfer.
    • Contracts, orders, restrictive trade practices, Cartelisation, investigations by competition commission of India.
    • New business firms and/or formation of joint ventures between Indian companies and government, Indian companies and foreign companies, Indian companies and Indian companies; Indian companies setting up plants overseas or acquiring overseas plants/ manufacturing facilities, consortia.
    • Yearly, half yearly and quarterly export data on all types of Indian produce.
    • Data on Indian agriculture, forestry, fisheries, transportation (land, rail, sea, pipeline), petroleum products, power.
    • Gross domestic product, gross national product, industrial production output, forex, money market, inflation, wholesale price index, stock exchanges, interest rates and any other information relating to national economy.
    • Industrial accidents, Health & Safety of employees, natural calamities, epidemics..
    • Employment, unemployment, labour, strikes, disputes, lockouts.
    • Credit rating of companies.
    • Indian consultancies, ad agencies.
    • Indian aerospace and defence.
    • All government policies that affect business, trade, commerce, balance of payments, forex reserves, social welfare programmes (both corporate and government)
    • Indian educational institutions and their rankings.
    8. Whom do I contact to get more information about INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT?
    For more information, kindly mail to or call +91 80 40387777.
    9. Where do I get user instructions/help?
    • The help button is located on the top navigation bar of page.
    • Online help facility: By clicking 'On Line Support' button provided on the bottom navigation bar, you will get help from one of our technical staff to resolve your queries.
    • If you require further technical assistance please contact
    10. How can I request forTrialAccess?
    Please send an email to with your Name, Company name/Institution/Organization Name & address along with your email id.
  3. INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT Coverage Statistics:
  4. 1. How many articles are there in INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT?
    null Articles are summarized and indexed. Over 80,000 articles are added to INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT every year.
    2. How many Industry Categories are indexed in INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT?
    null Industry categories are indexed in INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT.
    3. How many Business Concepts are indexed in INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT?
    null Business Concepts are indexed in INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT.
    4. How many companies are covered in INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT?
    There are null Companies covered in INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT.
    5. How many sources are covered in INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT?
    null Sources are covered in INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT.
  5. Features & Functionalities & Access related:
  6. 1. Can I email or print articles using INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT?
    Yes, you can email or print the articles retrieved and selected from INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT.
    2. Can I download article summary from the INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT site?
    Yes, you can download article summary from INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT provided you are subscribed to INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT.
    3. How to search articles? What is the difference between Basic Search & Advance search?
    To search articles, INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT currently provides both Basic Search and Advance Search options.
    • Basic Search can be used by typing in search box or by picking autosuggest keywords. These keywords are searched in Title, Abstract, and Company, Industry categories, Products and Business terms/concepts of the articles. You can do Boolean search or exact phrase search.
    • In Advanced Search, which is specially meant for experienced users, you can do lot of combination searches using Boolean operators and restrict your search to any of the parameters.
      • Time Period
      • Industry
      • Company
      • Business Terms
      • Product
  7. Subscription:
  8. 1. How do I subscribe to INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT?
    You can either call +91 80 40387777 or email to to request for detailed pricing information, with your name & Company/institution/organization name & address. Our regional representative will get in touch with you.
    2. I have subscribed to INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT, but I am not able to access the product?
    Your access details would have changed. You may please contact
    3. Is access to INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT through IP or by Username/Password?
    INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT provides access as requested by the clients, either IP or username/Password or both.
    4. Do you offer product training and how do I request for the same?
    Yes, we do offer product training; please send in your request to, along with your name and institution/organization name & address. Our training staff will get in touch with you to discuss the date and other details within 2 working days from the date of receipt of request.
  9. Technical Questions:
  10. 1. Does INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT provide technical support?
    Yes, INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT provides technical support. You can either call +91 80 40387777 or email to An online help resource is available between 9AM to 5PM on all working days. Please feel free to come online and chat with one of our service representatives who would be glad to furnish you with the information you seek.
    2. Do you charge for technical support?
    No, technical support is provided for free to all INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT subscribers via email or telephone.
    3.What is the best browser compatibility you recommend to access INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT?
    For best user experience, we recommend the following:
    • Set display resolution to 1024 x 768 or higher
    • Use IE9+, Firefox 16+, Chrome 22+


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